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Thousands of awards are given to beaches every year in Greece from which Chalkidiki has been receiving the most flags. Coasts with blue flags are widely known for their natural beauty, their environmental protection and the services they provide to visitors.

If you are visiting Greece this summer then look no further! We have gathered 17 blue flag beaches in the 2nd and 3rd peninsulas of Chalkidiki, which are easily accessible by car or boat.

So, let’s take a deep breath and have a closer look on these majestic places:

1. Nikiti Beach

A well-developed beach, located in the 2nd peninsula of Chalkidiki, that will make your holidays full of happy moments.

Are you looking for fun ways of exercising in nature? This gem offers amazing white sand to run or do your training next to the clean turquiose sea.

Otherwise, you can grab a ball and have a fun game in the volley court with your friends.

But if this doesn’t sound like you, just walk to the closest mini market or the beach bar, choose your favourite flavour of ice cream and enjoy the light blue sea in the comfortable sunbeds.


2. Kalogria Beach

This beauty is located in the village of Araxos and it is characterised by its clean turquoise waters heavenly cuddled with pine-covered mountains.

Organise a trip and explore these crystallised waters with your friends or family! The waters are very shallow and the presence of the lifeguard makes it safe to swim and dive into the ocean.

A fantastic area to try water sports activities or learn snorkeling. After a long time swimming and exploring the crystal clear sea you can find plenty of restaurants and taverns where you can eat seafood or gyros, choices you won’t regret!

Visit this magical place and indulge yourself in relaxation under the summer sun of Greece.


3. Paradisos Beach

This unique diamond is located in the north area of Neos Marmaras. Exploring the sea bottom you observe a beautiful combination of clean golden sand, colourful pebbles and small white stones.

There is a fully-equipped lifeguard, which makes you feel calm and free to enjoy water sport activities within the clear blue waves.

It becomes even more beautiful in the evening when the pastel colours of the sunset turn up in a romantic view. Explore this paradise and spend unforgettable moments with your family or friends!


4. Marmaras Beach

Collect peaceful moments next to the clean turquoise waters and explore the sandy sea bottom wearing a mask.

The beach bar is well-managed with sun-beds, umbrellas, showers and change booths.

Most families with children prefer to spend their holidays there because it has calm shallow waters, great golden sand, delicious food and water sports activities.

It is absolutely one of the best destinations to visit during summer! Don’t forget to include it in your travel plan.


5. Kohi Beach

The green tint of the waves will stimulate your desire to travel and also, try various water sports activities and snorkeling.

After a joyful trip in the sea, you will definitely want to refresh yourself with a cold cocktail or taste the delicious traditional Greek cuisine. Later, enjoy the shiny blue waters of Chalkidiki laid on the comfortable sun-beds under the umbrellas.

The colourful crystallised waters magnetize all travellers and they promise an amazing time with your loved ones.


6. Toroni Beach

A wonderfully organised beach where you can treat your mind and spend unforgettable moments with friends or family. The calm and peaceful atmosphere combined with the romantic colours of the sunset is suitable for couples as well.

It provides excellent facilities located in a convenient area where you can easily find traditional Greek taverns and coffee shops. If you are a nature lover, a campsite is another option to enjoy the ultimate summer experience in Greece.

Don’t miss the opportunity to collect these special summer moments!


7. Sykia beach

A clean, peaceful heaven mostly preferred by those who enjoy spending time alone in nature as well as by groups of friends, families or older people.

The quite seashore is fantastic for those who practice yoga in nature. Balance your body and soul and build a mind full of positive thoughts.

Don’t forget to bring your own umbrella, a chair and your favorite book and enjoy the shiny blue sea for the rest of the day.


8. Sarti Beach

Ideal for everyone who seeks a safe and clean beach to swim and wishes to do fun water sport activities.

This gorgeous place has the best location as you can see the most beautiful view of Mount Athos and of course, tropical turquoise waters next to pine-covered mountains.

The light jazzy music of the beach bar together with the colourful sounds of the waves will travel your mind in a different world.


9. Platanitsi Beach

A beautiful place, located near to Sarti village, rich with pine trees and turquoise waters that amaze everyone from the first glance.

The clean and safe atmosphere of the seafront creates relaxing feelings and inspires to instantly dive into the deep blue sea. The best time to visit this magic place is during June or September when it’s less crowded, however, it’s worth visiting during the season as well.

It’s a great place to spend your summer vacations with friends!


10. Armenistis Beach

Another ideal summer destination located in Sithonia and specifically in Armenistis Camping.

Characterised by a large sand combined with crystal clear waters where you can enjoy various amenities such as water sports, snorkeling, camping, restaurants, and coffee shops.

Also, there is a fully-equipped and experienced lifeguard that allows you to fearlessly explore the wonderful blue waters.

On the horizon you have a spectacular view of Mount Athos beautifully embraced by dark green pine trees and plane trees.

It is definitely worth collecting the title of the Blue flag!


11. Lacara-Koutloumousiou Beach

This majestic spot is ideal for those who want to be one with the nature as well as collect peaceful moments in the sea.

This cultural destination has Koutloumousiou Monastery which is one of the twenty Orthodox monasteries of Mount Athos in Chalkidiki. It was founded in the 13th century by Constantine of the Koutloumos family. Sailing in this exotic paradise you instantly feel the tranquility of the calm turquoise waters of the sea magically surrounded by pine-covered hills.

It is accessible through the campsite, however, if you wish to explore this mystery through the sea, you can rent one of our luxurious boats!


12. Livrohio Beach

The sandy sea-bottom covered with clean blue waters will excite you to dive with a mask into the sea and will make you forget all your worries.

It is located near the village of Agios Nikolaos where you can visit local shops and restaurants. In the northern part of the coast, you will explore a small cape where you can visit and learn more about the ashes of an old Byzantine tower.

A fantastic place to immerse yourself and spend your holidays with your loved ones!


13. Akti Salonikiou

Another perfect alternative for those who love the turquoise waters of Sithonia and want to admire the incredible view of Mount Athos.

It is located in the north of Ormos Panagias, a village with a reputation for its harbor fish market.

Not a very crowded and known area so it’s preferred by couples or families with children who look for a quiet and calm destination during summer.


14. Tripiti Beach

Don’t miss visiting the municipality of Aristotle and arrange to explore Tripiti beach, an absolute paradise in Chalkidiki.

It is unbelievable how beautiful the aura, the pine trees and the tropical colours of the sea are. It is super organised as it provides to visitors high-standard amenities, sun-beds and umbrellas.

It is great for young people, couples and friends. You will definitely love this beauty and you won’t regret visiting it.


15. Ouranoupoli Beach

The pristine and clean blue sea is perfect for summer memories with your loved ones. You will not get enough enjoying the crystal clear turquoise waters and the beautiful view of Mount Athos.

If you prefer relaxation rather than an adventure in the sea, you can sunbathe drinking a cold drink!

Don’t miss the unique opportunity to capture moments that you will remember for the rest of your life.


16. Alikes Beach

Another Blue flag beach we suggest to visit and especially to those who are sea lovers.

Ammouliani is located in the region of Chalkidiki and is an alternative island where you can experience a beautiful combination of adventure and relaxation.

The light blue colour of the waters are simply stunning as well as it offers a great range of amenities. Don’t forget to bring your camera and capture the picturesque view of this place.

Rent a boat and travel to one of the most extraordinary places on Earth!


17. Porto Agio Beach

This lovely and exotic beauty of Ammouliani can continue by visiting Porto Agio Beach located in the eastern part of the island, a place where you can enjoy clean shallow waters with different shades of green and blue.

Perfectly organised with close access to different meditterean restaurants, taverns and coffee shops.

Ammouliani is perfect to visit during summer as you get the chance to experience the Greek island’s atmosphere and tradition + it is easily accessible by boat!


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