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Among the nearest islands to Halkidiki are the Sporades Islands. Yet they appear to be a universe away from the bustle of any city. Just four of them are continuously inhabited, located near the tip of the Pelion Peninsula and lapped by the northern Aegean Sea’s rippling blue waves.

The Sporades islands are an attractive option for sailors seeking a Greek vacation because of their calm azure waters, mountainsides covered with pine trees, and classic stone-built settlements. In particular, the closeness of Skiathos, Skopelos, and Alonissos makes the island hopping convenient and pleasurable. 

Rent a boat from DreamSwim and have the time of your life on those dreamy islands!



Start from Vourvourou early in the morning and sail ahead to Skiathos, the first island of your trip. While being tiny, Skiathos’ 60+ beaches are its main draw. Relaxed Agia Eleni beach, where you may spread out on a sun lounger or try windsurfing, is one of those closest to the island’s major town. The main area to explore is Skiathos Town, where lodging can be found as well as several tavernas and eateries. 

Undoubtedly, the rocky cove of Lalaria on Skiathos’ north coast is breathtaking, particularly with its angular rock bridge across the Aegean. Yet for us, Banana Beach fully captures the standard of the island’s beaches. It’s lengthy. It is yellow. It has excellent crystal blue shallow seas. The sole nude area on the island is located at Banana Beach, which extends north around a headland and is shaded behind by an arc of leaning pines and olive trees.



Say goodbye to Skiathos and go east to Skopelos. Set ashore at the emerald-coloured Panormos Bay on Skopelos’ southwest coast, where pine trees tremble close to the ocean. One of the island’s three fortified villages has ancient city walls, which are still visible on a hill above the harbour. Take a plunge in Blo’s narrow, natural harbour, which yachties like, which is just a 12-minute walk to the south. According to legend, the daring she-pirate Adrina anchored her ships at Panormos and Blo, and ever since, the people have been looking for her stolen goods. On Skopelos, plums grow abundantly, so be sure to try both savoury and sweet recipes that use the fluffy avgato type.

Don’t forget to go to Agios Ioannis Church. Fans of Mamma Mia! won’t want to miss this location. Look up; a prominent location in the popular movie is the white-painted church perched atop a stone cliff overlooking the Aegean. Yet it’s more than simply a set for a movie. It’s a beautiful Greek Orthodox shrine with calm bathing bays to the north and south, perched on a cliff along the Kastri region’s coastline.



Go south to Alonissos, where Steni Vala, a tiny fishing town on the island’s western shore, will be your first stop. Take the dinghy to the nearby Agios Petros beach for a dip in a setting of fig, olive, and pine trees. The island’s unassuming capital, Patitiri, is further south; here, you may dock overnight at the harbour. A short dinghy trip will take you to Chrysi Milia Beach’s shallow seas. Go uphill from the port to the elegantly preserved ancient town made of stone, where you may purchase regional treats from the women’s agrotourism cooperative.

Visiting Blue Cave before leaving is a must! Famous for its azure seas, Alonissos. It forms a section of a marine reserve that is protected and has some of the most diverse aquatic life in the whole nation. So, it may be said that boat rides are the most popular activity on this Sporade. Luckily you already have one! Blue Cave is a gaping hole that has been cut out of the northeast shore, complete with pristine azure seas that sparkle and odd hanging rock formations.


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