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It is without a doubt that Halkidiki is one of the favorite summer destinations for many people every year. Only a heartbeat away from Thessaloniki, this wondrous place has to offer numerous magical, golden sand beaches and it rightfully deserves all the recognition and eyes on it! It is the perfect place for your vacation whether you are looking for the cosmopolitan experience or you are more into quiet, and calm kind of holidays. 

If you wish to spend some quality and quiet time away from the hustle and bustle of mass tourism and at the same time feel like you are on an exotic beach somewhere in the Caribbean, then keep reading, because we have found the perfect secluded beaches of Halkidiki for you in order to enjoy your time and clear your head.



Not known by many for years, this little, unspoiled gem is definitely a must-visit destination if you are fond of isolated and secluded beaches. Hidden behind a huge, idyllic pine forest, there are these small inlets with white-pebble and sand beaches, natural small caves on white rocks, and crystal clear turquoise waters making the place look like real heaven on earth! Swimming in the emerald waters you will think that you are on some exotic island. This beach is located on the east side of the second peninsula of Halkidiki, Sithonia and there are no beach bars there so you better be very organized when you visit.



Without a doubt, one of the most secluded places Halkidiki has to offer, this cluster of islets called Drenia or Gaidouronisia awes anyone who visits! It is composed of 6 small islands and they are all famous for their crystal clear blue waters, the lushness all around them, the statuesque huge rocks, and also known for having cobalt blue natural lakes. You will be amazed by the spectacular view and once you step foot on you will have the feeling you are in paradise! Very calm, shallow waters are calling you for endless swimming and your visit there will definitely be unforgettable. Some of these islets are completely isolated and some of them offer some facilities such as places for food and coffee, the choice is yours to make! 

If you are wondering how to reach Drenia, there is no need to worry! You can reach the islands by boat with the guidance of an able captain if you don’t hold a boat license or you can arrange a cruise to the broader area.



Near the border of the Mount Athos area, you will find this beach of exceptional beauty, that has managed to preserve its nature unharmed up until today and looks like an untouched paradise on earth! It is in fact not one, but three small beaches that are separated from each other by high vertical and statuesque rocks. The coves that are formed are Ω-shaped and remind of the Voidokoilia beach in Messinia.

The beach offers mesmerizing blue waters to swim in, and the most adventurous ones can try diving in the waters from the big rocks. You can reach this place only by boat and it’s the perfect place for relaxation and revitalization away from civilization and crowded places as this beach is very well hidden and not known by many. Is there anything better?



Located at a unique place with an extraordinary view of the wild, green nature around, between St. John and Kalogria, Akti Koviou is definitely a must-visit spot. Known for its rocky hammocks as well as for the huge green pine trees, the emerald crystal clear waters, and the white, like powder sand. 

This dazzling beach is the perfect spot if you wish to be surrounded by a few people as access to it is not the easiest. You have to park your car up on the hill and follow a path on foot in order to reach the beach. But, since you arrive, we guarantee you it’s totally worth it! We recommend staying until sunset hour as it will amaze you and take your breath away!



Karydi is one of the most impressive and beautiful gems of Sithonia. It is an exotic beach on the east side that catches the eye. White pristine sand, sade-green crystal clear waters, and the green big pine trees adorn this mesmerizing place, which will surely become your favorite beach for swimming and having a relaxing time.

The beach is located between two small capes and the waters are warm and shallow, ideal for small kids to have fun swimming in. The bay where this beach is is surrounded by white rocks and the beach is not organized with beach bars, so it is definitely a must-visit destination if you ask for calmness and tranquility.


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